Tyre Dealers North East

Tyre Dealers North East Region Tyre dealers North East Region based just outside of Durham. Tyres are the main point of contact for your vehicle with the road. Therefore it is essential that they are not only in good condition but also inflated to the correct pressure point.  This is imperative to ensure you and…


Stopping Distances In Wet Conditions

The importance of stopping distances in wet weather

Stopping distances are a vital factor for vehicle safety. Many different factors can influence this including the weather, temperatures and your vehicles tyres play a vital part in influencing the actual time and distance it takes to stop safely.


Back to school tyre checks

The importance of tyre checks

The importance of tyre checks as the end of the school holidays are fast approaching. As the return of the daily school run fast approaches it is important that your vehicle is safe as the new terms start. Your tyres are the part of your vehicle which is in contact with the road, ensuring that your tyres are in good condition is essential.


Tyre Blowouts

Tyre blowouts what you should and should not do

Although not that common tyre blowouts do occur.  When a tyre fails while you are travelling on the road it can certainly be a daunting experience and potentially dangerous.  They are ways in which you can reduce the likelihood of it happening in the first place, it is still good to be prepared in case it does happen. Firstly it is important to remain calm, which is often easier said than done.


Durham Tyre Dealers

Durham Tyre Dealers For Cars, Vans & Commerical Vehicles

Durham tyre dealers for cars, vans and lorries. Supply and fitting service for quality new and part worn tyres throughout Durham and the North East.


Tips for avoiding sidewall damage on your tyres

Avoiding sidewall damage to your tyres Many people end up damaging the sidewall of their tyres which can end up with dangerous bulging or nicks in the side of the rubber. Essentially, the sidewalls are the part of the actual tyre which withstands the pressure and helps keep your car stable. When a nick, tear…

Mobile Tyre Fitting in the North East

Free mobile tyre fitting special offer Mobile Tyre Fitting in the North East. Our latest offer is Free Mobile Tyre Fitting Service within a 15 mile radius of our Tudhoe garage . For  commercial fleets as well as the general public. Simply quote reference – MF012012 when booking your mobile fitting appointment full details of the offer are…