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Date: 15.03.2018 | Latest News, Tyre News

Summer, Winter and All Season Tyres

After the recent snow, we have had people have been asking the difference between all season tyres and summer and winter ones. Therefore we thought we would give consumers a guide to the difference.

Many vehicle owners in the UK are not aware that they are three different tyre options, suited to the different times of the year.

This winter certainly seems to have been a long one and many of us have ended up stuck or even stranded due to the adverse weather conditions. Even though this is the case, not all drivers have gone out and purchased snow tyres thinking that it is a rare occasion and the cold spell will soon end. Then again this week it has been on the news that even more may be expected. In these icy arctic conditions, standard summer tyres will perform particularly poorly.

All season tyres can provide a happy medium and are great to help keep drivers firmly on the road during the colder weather, providing a good wet grip. This gives vehicle owners a more appealing option when it comes to saving costs.


Summer tyres, these are the standard tyre which is fitted to your car from new. Made with a softer compound, so during the warmer period they grip dry roads and offer good handling and steering. These are best suited for the warmer months from March to October.


Winter one are the ideal choice when the temperature goes below 7 degrees. Often otherwise known as snow tyres, they have a different rubber compound which helps them grip the road during the wet, ice and snow. Furthermore, they feature small grooves on the tread pattern which help to have a good grip on the snow and ice.

All Season Tyres

Finally, the all-season tyre, this is an all-around option, which is agile to grip on dry roads but it does not harden as much as the summer tyre during the winter days. In the UK we don’t always get hot summers and generally, snowfall is rare. The all-season tyres can offer a good solution for motorists as they still perform in wet conditions.

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