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Date: 06.01.2016 | Latest News, Tyre News

Exclusive Tyre Dealer in Durham for General Tires

Founded back in 1915, General Tires have just celebrated their 100th year of manufacturing. 100 years later they continue to offer quality, value and performance.

Now operating worldwide, they manufacture tyres for cars, trucks and industrial applications, they also produce speciality tyres for 4x4s.

Fantastic range of General Tires available at our garage

General tires offer a fantastic range for cars, vans, 4 x 4s and SUV’s, below is an insight to the range we offer.


General Tires – Cars

General Tires  Summer Tyres consists of;

  • The Altimax Sport, their top athlete tyre on winding roads.
  • The Altimax Comfort, their fuel saver tyre,

General Tires Winter Tyres consists of;

  • The Altimax Winter Plus after 100 years of developing tyres. General Tires have put all of this experience into creating the new Altimax Winter Plus tyre. With distinctive ‘zig-zag” grooves it allows the best possible winter traction and cornering stability whilst driving on snow and ice. It has wide longitudinal and lateral grooves in the tread itself to ensure additional safety when driving on wet roads.

4 x 4 and SUV Tyres

Summer Tyres 

  • Grabber GT, the on-road tyre for powerful and fast SUV’s and 4 x 4s
  • Grabber MT, extreme traction an all-terrain tyre with exceptional off-road performance.
  • Grabber AT, offering a new dimension tyre for off-road performance. An all-terrain tyre by General Tires
  • Grabber HTS, a powerful off-road tyre offering all year round traction
  • Grabber TR, a specialist tyre for moderate off-road terrain and gravel. Provides a smooth comfortable drive on the road with the off-road grip needed for gravel terrain.
  • Grabber AT2, the AT2 is a new generation of extreme traction tyre, it has an aggressive all-terrain tread design, ideal for any off-road situation.

Winter Tyres 

  • Snow Grabber,  This is their new tyre for 4 x 4s with silica technology. This was developed for the best possible safety during winter conditions. The tread offers high cornering stability combined with high traction to ensure the best handing and braking performance when driving in snow, off-road terrain and on both dry and icy roads.

General Tires – Van Tyres

Summer Tyre 

Eurovan 2, developed for the highest demands of transporters and vans. The Eurovan 2 achieves high milage due to its highly developed tread. The new tread enhances brake performance on dry roads and in curves.

Winter Tyre 

Eurovan Winter, during harsh, frosty cold conditions, this tyre pushers others to their limits. The all new Eurovan Winter tyre offers excellent traction and brake performance, ensuring that vehicles remain safely maneuverable even in extreme weather conditions.

General Tires Accidental Warranty

Once you have purchases a General Tire and the box has been stamped by your tyre dealer. You will have peace of mind to know that if your tyres are damaged beyond repair the the defective tyre will be replaced. You will only be charged for the proportion of the tread which has already been used. This warranty does not however apply to the 4 x 4 range of tyres. See full terms and conditions. 

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