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Surviving a tyre blow out on the motorway

Tyre safety in and around Durham is very important to us at Car Tyre World and a blow out can end up causing a serious accident. So hopefully this article on looking after your tyres in Durham will help.

What causes a tyre blowout?

Tyre blowouts can be caused by various problems, the under-inflation of the tyre can be one of the most common causes. Therefore it is important to keep regular checks on your tyres for safety whilst in and around Durham.

When the tyre is underinflated it can begin to bulge the lack of pressure allows the car to push the tyre down. This can cause friction within the tyre. Friction will obviously lead to heat and eventually, this will probably lead to the tyre bursting.

Under-inflation can arise as a result of a slow puncture caused by a sharp object, kerbing and tyres which have been poorly maintained.  It is therefore essential that you check your tyre pressures regularly to avoid risking a blowout.

What do I do if I have had a blowout

Burst tyres are dead. You can drive on the tyre very slowly to a safe place but do not attempt to go any further than is absolutely necessary.

However also be warned that repairable punctures can turn into irreparable tyres if you drive on them. Read your car’s handbook for information about jacking your car safely and changing a wheel. If you are switching over to a space saver spare tyre, make sure you keep your speed down,  your car will not be as stable as with the full-size tyre.

Checking your Tyres:

  • Check your tyre pressures weekly
  • Check tyres for damage weekly with be visual with your tyres when going on your journeys
  • Check your tyres especially before going on long journeys
  • Your handbook will give you the correct tyre pressures

What should you do after a blowout?

Your spare tyre will need fitting, but this should never be attempted on the hard shoulder of a motorway, always call your breakdown provider. While you are waiting for them make sure you and your family are safe at all times. At Car Tyre World we offer a full breakdown assistance service should this ever happen to your tyres in Durham or the surrounding areas.

Make sure you keep our number safe so we can assist you with your tyre repairs in Durham.

This video shows what happens to a commercial vehicle when they have a blowout. At Car Tyre World we also look after fleets of vehicles in the commercial world and are well known for our tyre services in Durham and the surrounding areas. If you need your fleets tyres checking to give us a call and our mobile fitting team can even come to you.

See our Mobile Tyre Fitting Page for more information.

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