Vehicle Checks Before Easter

Date: 06.03.2019 | Latest News, Tyre News

Important Vehicle Checks Before Travelling

Vehicle checks are very important at any time of year, but more so before travelling on long journeys. Many people are planning breaks over Easter whether that be in a hotel, cottage or in your caravan or motorhome.

Many people take to the roads during the Easter weekend in the UK every year for a short break or holiday. Therefore this is the perfect opportunity to do some quick checks on your vehicle prior to making the journey.

Important vehicle checks prior to your Easter break

Fluid levels check no.1

Ensure you check your oil and brake fluid level. If you are not sure where to top up these on your vehicle check your handbook or ask a mechanic for advice.

Screen wash & wipers check no.2

Make sure your screen wash is full before travelling, also check your wiper blades are working properly. This can often be something overlooked yet an important factor especially in poor weather conditions.

Check no. 3 tyres

This is probably the most important part of your vehicle to check. Ensure you check the tyre pressure, this should really be done each month. If a tyre is not inflated at the correct pressure they can wear quicker. In addition, your braking and handling will also be adversely affected. You can find out the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle in your manual.

Battery check no. 4

During the winter months, your battery is more at risk of rusting, especially during the wet weather conditions. Check all connections on your battery and its condition.

Plan ahead check no.5

Always plan your route ahead of time and expect delays especially on motorways during the holiday period. If you have an up to date Sat-Nav this will often include live traffic updates, if not listen to your local radio station for traffic updates, so if necessary you can change your route.

Finally, if you have any concerns regarding your vehicle tyres or caravan tyres, you can bring them into us for a tyre check. You will find out all our details on our contact us page.

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