Snow Tyres in the North East

Snow tyres otherwise known as Winter tyres are the key to keeping you moving in the winter weather.

Previous years we have experienced people ending up stranded in their homes or workplaces. Many companies during the winter weather suffer from loss of man power with people being unable to make the journey into work.

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How can snow tyres help?

Snow tyres / winter tyres have a different technology to that of summer tyres. When the temperature drops below 6 degrees celsius. The snow tyres hold the road better, this gives your vehicle a lot more grip and handling on the road. They are made to help give that better grip and traction in the snow.

When we start to experience heavy falls of snow. You see people going out to buy a 4 x 4 to help them through the winter period. These are a long way cheaper than investing in a 4 x 4 to survive the winter. Even 4 x 4 drivers come to us for Snow tyres to help them through the winter. Therefore your first port of call should be to look into some snow tyres, before investing a lot of money.

What are the benefits of changing to snow tyres?

Summer tyres are not designed for use in really cold temperatures. The summer tyres are much less effective on the road surfaces in ice and snow. Snow tyres are made with a special rubber, this is suited more to the winter temperatures. Unlike summer tyres, snow tyres do not harden in the cold, this in turn helps with their performance as well as their grip on the road.

Snow Tyres at Car Tyre World

At Car Tyre World we have both part worn and new snow tyres at our Durham depot. We always try to keep good levels of stock in through the winter period. However, once the snow and ice arrives demand gets much higher and you can still sell out. We advise all our customers to get their snow tyres changed over around ideally October time to ensure they are safe for the winter months ahead.

Tyres delivered to your door?

Car Tyre World can deliver your snow tyres straight to your door anyway in the UK for a small delivery charge, please ask for details.

Keep a check on the weather

Make sure you keep a check on the weather over the winter periods, especially if going on long journeys. Try downloading the Met office app on your phone to keep you informed of weather conditions over this period.