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Changing To Winter Tyres

As the winter weather is now present it is certainly the time to change over to winter tyres. In the past couple of weeks, we have already seen signs of snow in certain parts of the North East.

After one of the hottest summers on record, the difference in temperature over the past few weeks is certainly more noticeable. Making sure your car is ready for the winter weather is a crucial factor to keep you and your vehicle safe on the road.


Stopping Distances In Wet Conditions

The importance of stopping distances in wet weather

Stopping distances are a vital factor for vehicle safety. Many different factors can influence this including the weather, temperatures and your vehicles tyres play a vital part in influencing the actual time and distance it takes to stop safely.

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Don’t leave it too late to replace your tyres

In a recent article, motorists are leaving it too late to replace their tyres

A recent article in the Auto Express found that motorists were leaving it too late to replace their tyres.

Currently, if a motorist is found to be driving with an illegal tyre they can face 3 points on their license plus a maximum fine of £2,500 per tyre.

Don’t leave it too late to buy your snow tyres

Snow tyres could be essential if the weather changes Snow tyres can certainly be an asset in times of poor weather conditions to help keep you moving.   Be prepared, get your snow tyres before the bad weather sets in Previously when snow has arrived we have seen people going out to buy snow tyres.…


New Waiting Area At Tyre Dealership in Durham

New waiting area now open at our tyre dealership in Durham We have recently opened our new waiting room for our tyre dealership in Durham. Customers can now benefit from waiting for their tyres in a comfortable warm waiting area. Mobile Tyre Fitting Service In addition, we offer a mobile tyre-fitting service for customers who…


Tyres for the Winter

Winter tyres to help keep you moving in the snow Winter tyres at this time of year can certainly help keep you safe. During the winter weather driving conditions can certainly become a lot more challenging.   The tread on a winter tyre has more natural rubber than a summer tyre. Therefore the winter tyre…


New – Part Worn Snow Tyres in Stock

Part Worn Snow Tyres & New Snow Tyres at Car Tyre World   Snow Tyres In Stock Now Our new snow tyres are in stock now at Car Tyre World. We have a huge selection to fit most vehicles. We can deliver them direct to your home for a small delivery charge, please ask for…

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Cold Climate Tyres Durham

Cold Climate Tyres in Durham Cold climate tyres, we all are noticing that the winters seem to be getting more extreme and are lasting a lot longer. When it comes to the winter period, driving conditions can become a lot more hazardous. Especially with wet roads, ice and snow. People should certainly be considering having cold…


Tyres for all weather

All Weather Tyres – You Choose Summer Or Winter At car tyre world we have tyres for every occasion and summer and winter weather tyres Winter Tyres We know that in the winter weather can often get survere. Changing our tyres to winter ones to keep us moving. Many people can loose time from work or…

Snow Tyres

Snow Tyres At Our Durham Branch Car Tyre World have just received a huge delivery of Snow Tyres both new and part worn at our Durham branch. Snow Tyres or Winter Tyres can be the key to keeping you moving this year. If the weather is anything like previous years, people were stranded in their homes…