Tips for avoiding sidewall damage on your tyres

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Avoiding sidewall damage to your tyres

Many people end up damaging the sidewall of their tyres which can end up with dangerous bulging or nicks in the side of the rubber.

Essentially, the sidewalls are the part of the actual tyre which withstands the pressure and helps keep your car stable. When a nick, tear or bulge is seen in the sidewall it is often a sign of serious damage to the structure of your tyre. In turn, this means that you are at a much higher risk of a high-speed blowout which could end up in a serious accident. Therefore its vital that any damage is checked out by a tyre expert immediately.

Tips for avoiding damage to the sidewall of the tyre

  1. Avoid contact with kerbs, often most damage to the sidewall starts with a rough bang or scrape against a kerb or pavement. Regularly scuffing the tyres can lead to long-term tyre damage.
  2. Avoiding potholes, bangs and scrapes in potholes can damage your tyres and suspension.
  3. Keeping your tyre pressure right, if your tyre does not have enough air in, the sidewall is exposed to even more pressure, as it has to compensate to help keep your car stable. Furthermore, this can cause premature wear to actual tyre structure, therefore reducing its strength.
  4. Remove/clean any spilt oil or other solvents, spilling petrol on your tyres or even driving through dirty water can soften the compound of the tyre and damage the structure of the sidewall. Ensure you clean the tyres with water and washing up liquid to help protect the tyre.
  5. Watch out for nails and sharp objects.  Damage caused by debris, if its left to linger can cause more lasting damage such as punctures and sidewall failures. The earlier you spot any damage from these the less chance of it causing more lasting damage.

Finally, if you think you may have damaged your tyres or the sidewall, pop into our Tyre Dealership at Durham and we can take a look to see if the damage is repairable.

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