Back to school tyre checks

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The importance of tyre checks

The importance of tyre checks as the end of the school holidays are fast approaching. As the return of the daily school run fast approaches it is important that your vehicle is safe as the new terms start. Your tyres are the part of your vehicle which is in contact with the road, ensuring that your tyres are in good condition is essential.

Why is the tread depth on your tyres so important?

The tread depth is one of the most important aspects of your tyre. They disperse the water from the road which enables your vehicle to keep its grip. This is especially important during wet weather conditions, over time the tread depth on tyres wears down if this becomes too low it is not only illegal but also very dangerous.

The legal UK minimum depth is 1.6mm, although we recommend that you should have at least 3mm. The reason for this is tread depths which are lower than 3mm can increase your stopping distance by as much as two car lengths.

Checking your tyre pressure

Another important tyre check which needs to be carried out is a tyre pressure check. Your tyre pressures can have a significant impact on your tyres and their performance. When tyres are under-inflated, there can be a larger chance of uneven tyre wear. When tyres have not been inflated enough bulges can start to show and in turn will reduce the grip of your vehicle on the road.

When tyres are over inflate this can also cause uneven wear on your tyres. Furthermore, there is a greater chance of a tyre blow out or puncture with overinflated tyres. Therefore it is very important that you take time out to check your tyre pressures.

Damage on tyres

Checking your tyres for visual damage is equally as important. Ensuring the correct tyre pressure, in turn, will reduce the chances of a blowout or puncture. Often glass and sharp objects can be found on the road surface and become embedded in your tyres. If the damage is spotted early, it can help prevent issues with punctures or tyre blowouts.

Choosing the right tyres for your vehicle

Finally, when you’re it comes to replacing your tyres, there are many factors to consider. Our team are happy to discuss this with you and advise you on the best tyres for your driving style and vehicle. Furthermore, if you are unsure about how to do a tyre check, bring them along to our tyre dealership in Durham for a tyre safety check. You will find all our details on the contact us page. 

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