Tyres, Tyre Repairs & Balancing

Whether you are looking for New Tyres from leading brands, Remolds or Part Worn that are rigorously checked for quality we keep a huge amount in stock to ensure we can meet our customers needs.

Four Wheel laser Alginment

Four Wheel Laser Alignment sometimes otherwise known as Tracking. Is part of standard automobile maintenance, It involves the adjusting of the angles of the wheels so that they are set to the specification of the Vehicle maker. This helps reduce wear but also helps stop the vehicle from pulling to one side.

Nitrogen Filled Tyres

Filling with nitrogen can stop moisture in the tyres freezing in extreme conditions. In Motorsports a second can make the difference between a competitor winning or loosing. By filling the Sports car with nitrogen can reduce tyre pressure variation, which is caused by temperature changes with the tyres.

Mobile Fitting Service

We offer a specialist service for the supply or supply and fitting of all types of tyres either at your home or workplace. This is a great service especially when you don’t seem to find the time to get that tyre changed.

Fleet Management Service

At Tyre Recovery and Car Tyre World we offer a fleet management service for Mobile Tyre Fitting as well as Roadside & Breakdown Assistance.

Wether it is a fleet of sales peoples cars or a fleet of lorry’s we handle them all. From small fleets of 2 – 3 vehicles to full fleets of 20 – 30 plus vehicles.

Commercial Tyres

We supply as well as supply and fit tyres such as Bridgestone Tyres, Michelin, Continental, Hankook, Pirelli Tyres, Avon, Firestone, Run Flat, Part Worn, Remolds, basically any type of tyre if we don’t stock it, we can get it for you, giving you piece of mind that you are coming to the right tyre dealer to look after your commercial vehicles.

Roadside & Breakdown Assistance