If you are looking for Four Wheel Laser Alignment in Durham?

Here at Tyre Recovery and Car Tyre World we offer exceptional customer care and service when it comes to four wheel laser alignment.

Otherwise known as Tracking. Is part of standard automobile maintenance, It involves the adjusting of the angles of the wheels so that they are set to the specification of the Vehicle maker. This helps reduce wear but also helps stop the vehicle from pulling to one side.

If you have Sports cars you may find that Four Wheel Laser Alignment may need to be done more often.

Aligning your trucks wheels regularly is even more important as it can not only help save your tyres but also fuel. We have a company we work closely with that can offer this service to our customers. To read about truck alignment click here.


At Car Tyre World and Tyre Recovery we have years of experience when it comes to aligning both commercial vehicles and general cars and vans. We have a dedicated company for our commercial vehicles and a second for our domestic cars and vans so you can be assured no matter what your vehicle we will look after your requirements

Four Wheel Laser Alignment

If you would like to have four-wheel laser alignment carried out please get in touch.