4 x 4 Tyres Durham

A number of different sizes and types of 4 x 4 tyres are designed for SUVs and all terrain vehicles.

In recent years SUVs have become more and more popular and therefore so has the demand for these types of tyres.

Advantages of using 4x4 Tyres on SUV's

4 x 4 tyres are excellent on difficult surfacing such as terrain like soft ground, steep inclines and areas where normal tyres may get stuck. 4 x 4 tyres also offer a better grip in more adverse conditions such as snow and ice than traditional conventional summer tyres.

Furthermore 4 x 4 tyres generally have a higher load index than traditional summer tyres and they have a rigid sidewall. In turn meaning they can handle more heavier loads with ease, perfect for transporting large families or large goods.

4 x 4 Explained

4 x 4 means power is distributed to four wheels rather than just two on the front or two on the rear. All four wheels are sharing the load. It is very important to ensure that you fit the tyres which are for specific 4 x 4 use. 2 wheel drive SUVs tyres may suffer more from grip issues and quicker wear.

On 4 x 4 tyres the tread pattern is more spaced than on traditional car tyres, they also feature a deeper tyre groves and a larger tread block. Allowing tyres to perform better on the likes of mud, grass and snow without clogging up the tread. In the circumstances this did happened generally they will offer enough friction to ensure you vehicle can keep moving. With traditional tyres they donʼt often perform well on surfaces such as mud and grass, wheels tend to spin and dig the tyres deeper into the ground.

Choosing your 4 x 4 tyres

Choosing the right tyres for your 4 x 4 depends on the intended use.

On road
Used for road and motorway purposes, they look like regular tyres however they are larger and have a tread pattern which can be used for occasional off-roading. Offering a smooth, quiet journey with better fuel efficiency for off roaders.

Off road
These will offer the best grip and handling especially on extreme terrains, however they are not intended to be used for road usage. When used on tarmac roads they are much louder and wear quicker than normal tyres and have a larger fuel consumption due to their increased rolling resistance.

A plus point is that they can tackle almost any road surface including steep inclines. Used mainly for agricultural vehicles and recreational use.

All terrain
Offering a balance between the two, they have a tread pattern which is suited to regular off road usage. However the all terrain tyres are also able to cope with tough instances such as mud and hilly terrain, mainly design for use on roads without excessive wear and consumption of fuel. Perfect all rounding for a 4 x 4 owner who does not want to change tyres between various activities.


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