Caravan Tyres Durham

Caravan Tyres are the one part of your caravan or trailer which is in direct contact with the road. When towing a caravan or trailer, safety in acceleration, braking distance, steering and going through corners are all important factors of your safety.

Did you know that your caravan tyres play a fundamental role with the suspension systems on caravans? Therefore, it is imperative that they are correctly maintained and are regularly checked for the safety of you and your other travellers.

The pressure of Caravan Tyres

When they are fitted to any caravan, motorhomes or trailers, it is essential that they are correctly inflated for the load applied. This is an important fact for the safety and stability of the vehicle. If they are under-inflated they could suffer from a blowout, which would cause loss of control of the caravan, motorhome or trailer. Any debris found on the carriage way could also be hazardous to other motorists. By keeping them correctly inflated can create even wear, leading to a longer life.

Under-inflated tyres however, creates more loads on the outer edge, causing the shoulder to wear more quickly. If they are over-inflated you will experience quicker wearing of the centre part of the tread.

Tips for keeping a check on your pressure

  • Check the pressure of your tyres at least once a month and before long journeys
  • The pressure should be checked against the manufacturers recommended levels, in the handbooks for the vehicle and caravan.
  • Pressures should be checked whilst the tyres are cold Tyre pressures need to be increased in-line with the manufacturers handbook when carrying a full load
  • Check the pressure of all tyres and spares
  • Check for any stones or other objects in the tread and remove, watch for bulges, lumps or cuts
  • If you are unsure of the tyre pressure call into us at Car Tyre World and we will help advise you

Looking after your tyres can help with fuel costs

By looking after your tyres and correctly inflating them can also help minimise fuel costs. If tyres are under-inflated the force needed to make the tyres turn, increases. Meaning the engine of the vehicle has to work much harder therefore using more fuel.

Caravan Tyre Pressure Calculator

TyreSafe have brought out a new online Tyre Calculator for checking the
pressure of your Caravan Tyres.


Click here to be re-directed the calculator