Ways to improve your fuel efficiency

Why should you look to improve your fuel efficiency?

With a constant increase in fuel prices, everyone wants to know how they can increase their miles per gallon within the upcoming months. There are multiple different ways in which great fuel efficiency can be achieved however every car is different which is something to consider. Multiple different things can be done to identify which factor can be best to improve your fuel efficiency overall. Fuel is a necessity for most people and whether it is driving to work or using your car regularly for other reasons, improving your fuel efficiency can make a major impact on how much money you make.



The importance of wheel alignment 

The impact of wheel alignment on the roads

Vehicle wheel alignment has a very big impact on how your vehicle functions. This could be vehicle handling characteristics that can change the way your vehicle functions which changes the safety level and requirements. If wheel alignment is not correct it can also affect the durability of your tyres due to uneven stress centres and higher rates of wear and tear. Wheel alignment in its simplest form is the adjustment of the suspension of a vehicle to alter the angle at which the tyre meets the road. Specifications are put in place by the manufacturer to have an optimum alignment to provide the utmost safety and handling abilities when driving. Having wheels that arent aligned can also lead to the MPG of the vehicle decreasing which causes a financial loss long term.


Goodyear launch new tyre

Goodyear produces the new Eagle F1 summer tyre

There is a new summer tyre on the scene that Goodyear has produced and it is the newest member of the Eagle F1 family. This tyre offers ultra-high performance for all weather conditions and road types which allows you to be prepared for the roads. The new summer tyre has been identified as the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6 and consists of some of the newest technology in the tyre scene.


Looking after your winter tyres

Why are winter tyres important?

With the upcoming winter conditions, safety is crucial when on the roads. Driving in the winter causes great concern for everyone due to road conditions being unpredictable. The best possible way to increase your safety in icy and snowy conditions is to equip the correct tyres depending on the time of year.


Tyres budget vs premium

Choosing the right tyres – budget vs premium

No matter how many times you have had to buy tyres in you driving journey, there are many things to take into consideration to make sure you’re making the right choice for your vehicle. One fo the main factors that may influence your decision is the price of the tyres. If you can’t decide to take the budget option or spend o something more premium, we have a few pros and cons to help your decision.


Mitchelin Crossclimate Tyre Launched

Mitchelin Crossclimate Tyre

The UK has a reputation for its ever changing weather, and there is definitely reason for this! With weather patterns becoming only more unpredictable, all season tyres are also seeing an increase in sales. With an increase in demand creating an increase in manufacturing, the mitchelin crossclimate tyre has been created to test new technology to the maximum.

Landrover Specialist Rates New Davanti Tyre

Landrover Specialist Rates New Davanti Tyre now launched

When picking a tyre it always helps to have the experts opinion, and for this tyre, it is only praise to be received. Land Rover Monthly have named Davantis Terratoura in the top ten tyres, even though it has been on sale for less than a year. These tyres have all been ranked on factors including tread depth, traction, load, weight, value and capacity and yet within such a short period of time has still managed to squeeze into the top 10.

Michelin Sport EV Range

Launch of New Michelin Sport EV Range

New Michelin Sport EV Range

As of the 1st of April 2021, Michelin have launched a new sport Ev range. These new sets of tyres have been designed with top of the range engineers. The tyres function especially well for electric sport vehicles, something that is becoming much more common in modern day. So what are the features of these new tyres?