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Four wheel alignment otherwise known as tracking is a part of standard automobile maintenance. This process involves the adjusting of the angles of the wheels so that they are set to the specification of the vehicle maker. In turn helping reduce wear and helping prevent the vehicle from pulling to one side.

Sports car owners may find that they require four wheel laser alignment carried out more often than traditional cars. With truck wheels aligning the wheels regular is even more important not just to help save your tyres but also fuel.

Four Wheel Alignment Problems

If there is a problem with your wheel alignment, it can have negative impacts which could include:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Extended fuel consumption
  • Tyre wear
  • Under or oversteer

The correct settings for wheel alignment geometry is important for:

  • Even tyre wear
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Less driver fatigue
  • Correct vehicle handling
  • Safe stopping distances
  • Extending the life of your tyres

Introducing The SuperTracker Wheel Aligners

SuperTracker provides more than an accurate, fast alignment system , over the years SuperTracker has grown to become the leading wheel alignment equipment manufacturer in the UK.

The concept of the SuperTracker aligners is that they are quick, easy to use, are accurate and extremely durable. They are a very important part of any vehicle servicing set up. The SuperTracker system provides a full print out of the car before and after the adjustment for your records.

SuperTracker is used in major tyre companies, franchise dealers and tyre dealerships such as ourselves. At car tyre world we have invested in this alignment system to offer our customers the best in four wheel alignment for their vehicles.

Does Your Vehicle Have Wheel Alignment Problems?

Whilst a lot of wheel alignment issues can be mild during the early stages, over time they can worsen and cause much bigger issues. Therefore it is vital to make sure your wheel alignment is monitored on a regular basis.

Signs To Watch Out For

  • Is your steering wheel straight when driving?
  • Your car pulling to either the left or right?
  • Are you currently experiencing uneven tyre wear?
  • Does the car over or understeer?
  • Do the tyres squeal on roundabouts?
  • Does the car start to wander when driving in a straight line?

Finally, over the years we have aligning many commercial vehicles, cars andvans. Originally establishing ourselves as a company for commercial vehicles, growing to incorporate domestic cars and vans over the previous years. No matter what the vehicle you can be assured of a good service and that we will look after your vehicles tyre requirements.


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