Locking Wheel Nut Removal Durham

Car tyre world offer locking wheel nut removal from both our tyre dealership in Durham and as part of our mobile fitting service. We use proven methods to remove the locking wheel.

We carry out this service for all makes and models, using our specialist custom made tools to remove a locking wheel nut or bolt on any vehicle. All our technicians are fully trained to remove the locking wheel nut with no damage to your wheel, rim or vehicle.

Locking Wheel Nuts

Unfortunately many car owners end up damaging the wheel nuts or the keys by accidentally tightening them too much. Once the key becomes damaged you need a professional technician to remove it. Whether you have damaged, lost or misplaced your locking wheel nut, we can help. Most of the keys are made using thin mild steel, when put under extreme pressure the metal can start to distort and cause they key to do the same, in turn becoming unusable. In this case you will require a professional to carry out the removal for you.

You can often get a new locking wheel nut from the vehicle manufacturer if you have the unique code. However, in the case the locking wheel nuts were over tightened, the new key may not work. A new set of locking wheel nuts could be required, especially in cases where they have been over tightened, the threading on the bolt or nut can end up stretched making the wheel nuts unsafe for reuse.

Preventing Damage - Locking Wheel Nut Removal

To prevent damage it is advised not to use DIY methods to remove a locking wheel nut. In a lot of cases they donʼt work and it can often end up costing a lot more should damage occur. For an easy, cost effective way of removing them see a specialist.

Finally, if you need help with the removal, get in touch you can either come to our tyre dealership or our mobile tyre fitting team are at hand to help.


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