All Season Tyres Durham

All season tyres can provide a happy medium for many car drivers. In the UK, we generally only get really bad weather for a few months where temperatures drop below 7 degrees. Many car owners have two sets of tyres one for the summer months and another for the winter conditions.

All Season Tyres

The all season tyres can offer a balance of the two, although not winter tyres they still perform quite well when temperatures drop below 7 degrees. They have a mixed consistency rubber compound within their composition. Unlike summer tyres which have a hard rubber construction and winter with a more softer rubber. In turn falling between the two different types of tyres.

Benefits Of All Season Tyres in Durham

Only need to use one set of tyres – more economical, buying two sets of
tyres can be costly.

Reduces the hassle of changing your tyres over twice a year.

Offer better performance than a summer tyre – offering a better grip than a summer tyre during cold conditions. Many have been designated as winter suitable, look out for the 3-Peak mountain snowflake symbol, which means it is approved for winter conditions.

Furthermore if the tyre has this symbol it can be used in European countries which have a legal requirement to have winter tyres fitted at certain times of the year.
Better performance than a winter tyre, the specially designed tread block offers a better handling on dry, warm roads compared to that of a winter tyre.

Ideal for the UK weather, ice and snow is not as common as other Central European countries. Making all season tyres perfect as they can cope with Britains milder conditions yet offer a good wet traction for rainy conditions.

In Summary

Finally, the all-season tyre, this is an all-around option, which is agile to grip on dry roads but it does not harden as much as the summer tyre during the winter days. In the UK we donʼt always get hot summers and generally, snowfall is rare. The all-season tyres can offer a good solution for motorists as they still perform in wet conditions.


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