Inactivity during the COVID-19 and tyres

Could the inactivity during the COVID-19 pandemic effect my tyres?

The extent of which inactivity will effect tyres

A nationwide lockdown from the 23rd March due to COVID-19 was something that placed the UK on a standstill. With the requirements to stay home as much as possible, and individuals learning to live with less travel, vehicles also faced less usage by their owners. Inactivity within cars can cause different extents of damage, depending on the conditions of the vehicle, the age and the duration of time out of activity. It is a priority to maintain car safety and keep everyone safe on their journeys and focusing on tyres is a factor that allows you to do so.

How has lockdown caused tyre damage?

Over time tyres begin to lose pressure, active and inactive maintaining it to the recommend amount in your vehicle handbook. When the car is immobile this could happen at a faster rate, even giving them the appearance of  begin deflated. This occurs due to air travelling through the tyres over the duration of time and can cause dangers such when driving due to the car now being much harder to control and handle, increasing chances of crashes and accidents. as well as the loss of pressure, tyre degradation is a natural process sped up when stationary through weather and heat. In order to reduce the effects try strong the car in a sheltered or indoor garage where it will remain in dry and cool conditions.

Inactivity causing flat spotting in tyres

Flat spotting is a term used to refer to when the area of the tyre connected with the ground becomes flat due to being inactive for a long period of time. This flat area will worsen when left for longer periods of time, especially in larger and heavier cars. As life has adjusted to less travel, if your vehicle use is less, try to move your car forward/ backwards slightly every few days in order to reduce the pressure this flat spot area is enduring.

How do I reduce lockdown effects on my tyres?

Reducing the negative effects of an inactive car can be done in a few ways. Ensure your tread depth is at 1.6mm keeping them safe and legal for road usage. Try keep extra tyres and your car stored in a garage or a dry and cool area to minimise weather effects. Ensure you are keeping your car moving, even if its just a few inches, rotating the tyre will reduce flat spotting significantly and keep them in a regular and safe shape for usage.