Checking the tread depth

Why is the tread depth in tyres necessary to correct?

All cars should have a tread depth of 1.6mm. Tread depth is an essential part to keeping you safe on the roads, requiring regular checking in order to ensure it is maintained. They keep you safe as they are specially made for the best potential road grip they can give, doing so by the ‘bumps’ and grooves designed for them, creating easy braking and control of the car. Over a period of time the tread depth of a tyre may start to reduce, this may be due to just natural wear and tear, an unavoidable consequence to driving any vehicle. However it can also be caused by having a fast and aggressive style of driving, overloading the car with bags and people, poor tyre quality (or deflated tyres) or suspension issues in the vehicle that should all be monitored and tried to keep at a minimum in order to ensure safety as a priority. In order to check your tyre tread depth, there are a few options: