New Waiting Area At Tyre Dealership in Durham

New waiting area now open at our tyre dealership in Durham We have recently opened our new waiting room for our tyre dealership in Durham. Customers can now benefit from waiting for their tyres in a comfortable warm waiting area. Mobile Tyre Fitting Service In addition, we offer a mobile tyre-fitting service for customers who…


Laser Alignment Promotion

Free Four Wheel Laser Alignment Check Before Winter

Take advantage of our latest promotion for four wheel laser alignment.

We are offering a free check to see if your wheels need aligning. If they do we are offering really low prices on laser alignment to help protect you in the winter weather.


Tyre Fitting Durham

Tyre fitting services in Durham Not only do we have a garage situated in Tudhoe, Durham, Car Tyre World also offer a mobile tyre fitting service. If you are are out on the road it is certainly best to call a mobile tyre fitting for your own safety. Check out this youtube video below: We…


Durham Tyre Dealership

Durham Tyre Dealership Gets A Makeover

New makeover for Durham Tyre Dealership, Car Tyre World in Tudhoe, Durham.


A new state of the art makeover is underway for our Durham Tyre Dealership. Work is currently being carried out to create a new office, reception area and the installation of new tyre equipment including high spec lifts etc. We will keep customers informed of the new developments, we are hoping that the new look will be complete in around 3 -4 weeks.


General Tires Dealer

Exclusive Tyre Dealer in Durham for General Tires

Founded back in 1915, General Tires have just celebrated their 100th year of manufacturing. 100 years later they continue to offer quality, value and performance.

Now operating worldwide, they manufacture tyres for cars, trucks and industrial applications, they also produce speciality tyres for 4x4s.

Fantastic range of General Tires available at our garage


Tyres for the Winter

Winter tyres to help keep you moving in the snow Winter tyres at this time of year can certainly help keep you safe. During the winter weather driving conditions can certainly become a lot more challenging.   The tread on a winter tyre has more natural rubber than a summer tyre. Therefore the winter tyre…


Stockists of Davanti Tyres

Our latest brand of tyres – Davanti

Find out more about the new Davanti drive.

Davanti offers 5 key qualities. Innovation – Performance- Quality – Safety and a fantastic Guarantee.

  1. Innovation – The Davanti tyres come with an enhanced silica compound which has an innovative design of treat. In-turn offering optimum handling for both comfort and efficiency.
  2. Performance – The performance of the tyres offer both wet grip and low noise values.
  3. Quality – Premium tyre quality at great prices, made with quality material and an advanced tread.
  4. Safety – These tyres have all-weather grip which offers a dynamic design giving a more smoother drive
  5. Guarantee – A lifetime guarantee comes with each Davanti tyre, ask at our tyre centre for more details.