Tyre Blowouts

Tyre blowouts what you should and should not do

Although not that common tyre blowouts do occur.  When a tyre fails while you are travelling on the road it can certainly be a daunting experience and potentially dangerous.  They are ways in which you can reduce the likelihood of it happening in the first place, it is still good to be prepared in case it does happen. Firstly it is important to remain calm, which is often easier said than done.


Tyre Fitting Centre Durham

Tyre Fitting Centre Durham, Tyre Fitting, Mobile Fitting & Fleet Services

At our tyre fitting centre Durham, we stock a wide selection of tyres from budget to quality brands. In addition, we stock a wide selection of part worn tyres all of which are sourced from Germany by our own people, ensuring the best quality.


All Season Tyres

Summer, Winter and All Season Tyres

After the recent snow, we have had people have been asking the difference between all season tyres and summer and winter ones. Therefore we thought we would give consumers a guide to the difference.

Many vehicle owners in the UK are not aware that they are three different tyre options, suited to the different times of the year.

Woman changing tyre Durham

Don’t leave it too late to replace your tyres

In a recent article, motorists are leaving it too late to replace their tyres

A recent article in the Auto Express found that motorists were leaving it too late to replace their tyres.

Currently, if a motorist is found to be driving with an illegal tyre they can face 3 points on their license plus a maximum fine of £2,500 per tyre.


North East Tyre Dealers

North East Tyre Dealers Commercial and Domestic

Commercial and domestic North East Tyre Dealers Car Tyre World. Supply and fit quality tyres from budget to quality brands from leading manufacturers. When it comes to their part worn tyres these are sourced from Germany hand picked by Car Tyre Worlds team to ensure they are of the best quality. From a simple puncture repair to laser alignment or a new set of tyres they can fulfil all your tyre requirements.


New Supertracker Wheel Alignment

Supertracker wheel alignment machine now at Car Tyre World

We are pleased to announce that the new Supertracker wheel alignment machine is now at Car Tyre World.  The super tracker provides more than an accurate, fast alignment system.

The Supertracker machine is more than just an accurate, fast alignment system. It has grown over the years to become the leading wheel alignment equipment manufacturer in the UK.