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Tyre Dealers North East Region

Tyre dealers North East  based just outside of Durham.

When it comes to vehicles tyres are the main point of contact with the road. Therefore it is essential that they are not only in good condition but also inflated to the correct pressure point.  This is imperative to ensure you and your family can travel safely on the road.

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Tyres Spreading The Cost

On selected tyres you can now spread the cost of your payments with Car Tyre World

With our payment assist you can spread the cost of your tyres by just paying 25% on the day of purchase, then spread the remaining balance equally over 3 months with 0% interest and fee free payments. No credit checks or lengthy forms to be completed, A long as you have a UK-registered Debit card with sufficient funds to cover the 25% initial deposit, you can take advantage of the scheme.
Please note: Payment Assist is available on selected brands of tyres and must be on the purchase of two or four tyre’s, from our mid range or premium range. You can find out more about the finance details, terms and conditions on our dedicated page. 

Caravan & Motorhome Tyres

Caravan Tyre Safety North East Tyre Dealers

When it comes to caravan tyre safety it is essential that they are inflated correctly and in good condition before you start the touring season.

This year we could see a lot more people having their holidays in Britain due to the Coronavirus, in turn, a lot more traffic could also be on our roads especially during the peak holiday season.


Run Flat Tyres Durham

Run Flat Tyres Durham, Co. Durham

Many new cars are being fitted with run flat tyres at manufacturing stage. If drivers are unsure if their tyres are run flats they can check on the sidewall of the tyre. In addition, the car will have a TPMS monitor which can access any pressure changes. Therefore making it easier to detect any punctures or low pressure.

In this article we look at some of the advantages of run flat tyres.


Tyre Dealers Durham

Tyre Dealers Durham Commercial and Domestic

Tyre Dealers Durham, for both commercial and domestic

We stock a wide variety of new tyres from budget tyres to quality brands from leading manufacturers. For your information, our part worn tyres are sourced from Germany by our own team, therefore ensuring that they are of the highest quality.

Whether you are looking for a puncture repair, laser alignment or a tyre replacement our team are here to help.


Snow Tyres

Snow Tyres North East Tyre Dealership

We have just received a large delivery of snow tyres ready for when the bad weather hits.

Snow tyres can be the key to keeping you moving this year, in previous years, we have seen people stranded in their homes and companies lose manpower due to the poor weather.


How to find out the age of tyres?

Finding out the age of tyres

When it comes to the identity of tyres you will find that each is printed with a DOT code date on that informs you when it was manufactured.

This four digit age code is normally located on the outside of the tyre sidewall. Its first two digits represent the production week during the year. (These are coded from 1 to 52) whilst the second two represent the year it was manufactured.

In the case that your tyres are printed with a 3-digit number, this means they were made prior to 2000 and therefore need to be replaced ASAP. Although there is not a definitive tyre age limit, generally speaking if they are older than 5 years you should definitely be closely watching their condition and be considering replacement.